Requested Wallpaper

We have been inundated with requests for wallpaper of Janet lying naked on the couch. I’ve finally got round to making 4 new backgrounds for your computer and you can find them in the DOWNLOADS section of Janet Love. Please remember that the images are for your personal use only and should not be redistributed or put on other sites without written permission from the webmaster.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

5 replies on “Requested Wallpaper”

thank you SOOOO much, daz! those are great. i hate to sound greedy, but is there ANY possible way that you could make a wallpaper with the pic of janet that looks like one form the tourbook, but she is turned around smiling. ( i and a lot of my friends LOOOOVE that pic! if you can’t, i understand. but thanks so much for all you do! it truly is appreciated!

Will try to do it sometime tomorrow. that’s my fave pic too. i can’t remember whether it’s in the tourbook or not.

no, it isn’t in the tourbook, but it seems to have been taken at the same time as the other pics from the tourbook. and thanks in advance for the wallpaper! i’m so excited…lol

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