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DVD already on sale the UK


Despite the official UK release date for the DVD and video being 24th June, it is already out on the shelves of most stores as of today. Make sure you go and buy it if you can and let u know if your local store is stocking it. HMV Oxford Street and Tower Records in London currently have it on sale.




  1. Can someone please tell me, about what janet said about working with Eminem, in the multimedia section cause i really want to know thank you, my sound is off

  2. The A4U hawaii DVD is on sale in Portsmouth UK in HMV…[email protected] Janet said she didn’t know wether she would work with eminem cause she’s not sure she understands him, and that if he asked her she prolly woundn’t but they would have to have a long talk bout it, something like that

  3. The Janet DVD also has 6 postcards included in it – v nice ones from the tourbook! The booklet inside the DVD is taken directly from the tourbook too!


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