Janet faces new “stalker” lawsuit

It appears that Janet is now being faced with a $20 million lawsuit from someone who claims that by seeking a restraining order, Janet ruined his chances of becoming famous. From “E! Online

One of Janet Jackson’s alleged stalkers wants a piece of her rhythm nation. Eric Leon Christian–a man the pop-funk diva has accused of contacting her by phone and fax more than 90 times, making disturbing statements to her and assaulting her–has filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against Jackson claiming she ruined his reputation and trashed any chance he had of making it in the music world.

The lawsuit, filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, accuses Jackson of illegally obtaining a restraining order against him in November 1997, causing him emotional pain and suffering and preventing the budding music producer from being hired by potential employers.

The suit demands “restitution for defamation and severe mental and emotional stress he suffered because of the illegal filing of the injunction by [Jackson’s company],” Black Doll Inc.”

Christian’s major bone of contention? That the 36-year-old singer-actress requested and received a restraining order that was, he claims, unwarranted because he was a Maryland native and did not reside in Los Angeles as required by the injunction for it to be active.

He also says Jackson’s company leaked details of the restraining-order application to the media.

The end result, the lawsuit claims, was the disintegration of his rep once several major news organizations, including syndicated TV staples Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and Extra, picked up the story and ran it.

“The statement by the [media] of Eric Christian being a stalker is the direct result of the filing by Black Doll Inc. and is definite defamation of character,” the suit contends.

Jackson has put out the velvet rope against several men over the past few years. In addition to Christian, she has obtained restraining orders against Ronald Benjamin Singleton (who reportedly called himself “the next President of the United States”), Frank Paul Jones (who was sent to jail for two years for penning harassing letters to Jackson) and Jay Thomas Myers (who wrote a John Hinckley-style letter to President Clinton telling him that Jackson was his “capture”).

Add to that the concertgoer who snuck into Janet’s dressing room during a stop on her All for You trek last February and stole some stuffed animals and fan mail and it’s no wonder Jackson’s thinking about quitting the road. (The teen was charged with third-degree burglary and faces jail time.)

Jackson’s reps did not return calls seeking comment on the Christian lawsuit.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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Come on you guys. That is halarious! There is no way in hell that he is gonna win the case. I bet Janet was laughin her ass off! I know I was! This guy has some problems!

janet aint thinking about his broke ass. Him and Rene got problems. J is going to cont. doing her thang.

Allen I argree with you. Janet aint thinking about him. She got better thing to do. But this aint the first time this fool stalked her. Go to and click on Achieve and scoll down until you see everything on janet that website has rene divorce paper. This guy who stalking her now docments when he had stalked her in the past and another stalker. Eric dont have a damn life. My friend called him up because the website had his number on one of the docments he sent to janet and my friend cussed him out . I AM NOT LYING!!! that fool aint got no life what so ever. I think he want some ass from janet thats it and janet wont give none of her good ass to him his not worth any of her good ass. LOL 🙂 J/K

This is a question that has no reference to the article whatsover. Does Janet and her ex Choreographer Tina Landon have a relationship still? I heard rumors that the song "you ain’t right" was dedicated to her. Please reply if you have an answer. P.S-Insiders say that Janet was spotted down here on Fisher Island in Miami which is where the wealthiest of people live. Gloria, Madonna,Patrick etc.

only in america can the person who has been acting past crazy towards you can turn around and try and sue you.janet is laughing because if you guys remember sun of a gun wasn’t just about rene. haha hoohoo thought you’d get the money too is also refering to people like this wacked out brother and that chef of her’s by the name of ricardo. one day these people are gonna realize that janet is to smart to bow down to drama exspecially unnecassary drama at that. keep doing your thang j.

I live in amercia and I think some americas dont have all there screws in there head screwed in tight. I think the song son of a gun is about everybody who done her wrong in her life that includes James Debarge, Rene, and all her stalkers and who ever else did her wrong. JANET BET NOT BOW DOWN TO ANYBODY!!!

lol 🙂 well allen maybe in your dreams janet giving that ass up to you, but in reality Jermain Dupri got that ass in "Control" Janet giving that ass up to Jermain Dupri. If you want some of her ass you better stay in that long ass line full of teenage boys and grown ass men.

Yo Nyema Janet was in my bed last night moaning and screaming my name not Jermaine besides he cant handle all that ass. HE TOOO SMALL.He look like a frog on crack.Pretty soon Janet will be having my baby.We will invite u to the wedding also.

LMAO ALLEN YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!!:) you mean janet was screaming for HELP!!! tee rock no janet and Jd are not going out, there just friends, but if they were dont expect janet to tell anything. Shaneequa you are to much. I think janet cant handle a man who has asthma all the time. Can you imagine janet and dark vader getting it on. That is a scary sight. he will die of an asthma attack lol

Nyema u got jokes! JD ain’t got nothing on me . I told Janet to back that ass up. She was sreaming help when she was boning Mattew dont get me mixed up sweet heart. I made that ass get bigga. He just made it mo softer. I ain’t lying Janet is going to be my wife and she going to have my baby boy. Allen Jr. and a baby girl Damita ( Janet got to put her name in there some where).U can come to the wedding if u want. P. Diddy is going to be my best man.

I live in America to and it has been alot of things going around about my gurl,but dont believe it. What I said is true. Belive that.

yo nyema, read the smoking gun stuff, and im sorry but rene comes across as the biggest SON OF A GUN ever. whats with personality disorders he now claims to be suffering from? purleeze! he’s just suffering from "girl dumped me now im a broke scrub who cant get a job or get laid" syndrome.


ric@rdo do even get me started on rene. He is past a son of a gun he is a son of a bitch ( sorry janet I know you dont want people talking about your ex but I have to say what I gots to say) I want to know did janet know about these personality disorders before they got married? if she didnt know then he is full of shit. But if she did thats her fault. I know what exactly what he was suffering from disorders called "dumb ass" "broke ass"

yo nyema u hit it right on the noise. yo rene is a son of a bitch. I know he be calling asking for some ass. broke ass he need to get a job at the zoo monkey looking ass.

Now I wont call rene no monkey because to me rene looked good, but I seeen him on T.V. talking about the divorce and he looked like he hasnt been eating for while he didnt look healhly. Now James is the one who looks really bad he was on Inside Edition talking about he still loved janet ( Janet leaves her men sprung over her after she done left them) but the drugs he was doing caught up with him because he looks bad. There alot of thing I have to say about rene but he is not worth the time or typing to comment on ( sorry janet just speaking my mind)

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