Are you a winner?

Did you know that the “JANET” logo shown on the curtain during the Hawaii show was different from the rest of the tour? The logo used throughout the entire leg was in fact yellow, but when it came to the Hawaii filming, it was thought that the yellow would not show up well enough on camera and so was changed to black.

{{popup winner.jpg Competition Winner 384×288}}Also, are you the guy in this photo? We’ve taken a capture from COME ON GET UP and chosen one person at random. If you are this person, you’ve won a prize! You must contact us within 10 days by emailing [email protected] with a photo. If you know this person, make sure you tell them to visit Janet Love to claim their prize. The person in question will have to answer one simple question by email in order to receive their prize. Look out for more winning captures in the upcoming weeks.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

5 replies on “Are you a winner?”

Has he e-mailed you Daz????? if so what was his prize and if not what will happen if he doesnt e-mail you

Well someone claimed to be him but they never replied to my winning email so i guess it wasn’t them! The prize was a signed copy of the All For You promo single and a video with a whole bunch of UK appearances. I guess i’ll just keep the autograph – or give it away some other time!

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