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US DVD Release Changed?


Both CDNOW and TOWER RECORDS have removed their listings for the VHS and DVD of the Hawaii show. The concert, which was due to be released on July 16, will most likely have its release date rescheduled. At the moment, we are not sure whether it will be brought forward or pushed back, but we are contacting the distributors at the moment.




  1. The us never get enything with janet! damm man come on you got the All For You tour dindet you!! The Eu did not

    Kind Regards


  2. You know, if you’re really desperate, eBay has some official Janet Hawaii AFY tour videos that were sent out to be considered for an emmy..and its the same exact cover except it has a gatefold with a pic from "Trust A Try"

  3. As for the tour, yes, the US did get it and the EU didn’t. However, the point the first poster was trying to make was the material that Janet releases. You guys get everything first or get more mixes released there. You guys get more single releases. Europe, Japan and Australia I’ve noticed get a lot more merchandise then the US whether together or seperate. I know this cause most of my CD’s are imports from EU, Japan or Australia and Holland. As for the tour, don’t worry, I’m sure Janet will hit you guys up next time.

  4. I hope they release the dvd for her tour i have the velvet rope tour and it is awesome..janet rocks so i am looking forward to her all for you tour


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