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{{popup womanmagazine1.jpg WOMAN MAGAZINE UK 439×500}}WOMAN MAGAZINE UKA new interview with Janet has appeared in the UK’s Woman magazine along with two photos – one pictured left. Janet talks about how she would NEVER have plastic surgery (hmmmm!) and her philosophy on life. You can read the full interview now ONLY at Janet Love…

“I’ve always had problems with my weight”

What’s your biggest health concern?I’d have to say I’d like to get pregnant within the next year or two. I’m going to be 36 this year and I don’t want to wait too much longer.

How do you keep in shape?
Dancing and performing practically every night is really stressful on the body and I have an exercise regime whereby I alternate weights and aerobics training. I won’t give that up, even now that I’m off the road. I do a regular two-and-a-half-hour workout six days a week, to keep myself in shape.

How do you stay healthy on tour?
It’s hard – my last tour took a lot out of me. I always have someone who prepares good meals for me while I’m on the road. I’m careful to get enough carbohydrates and protein. When you’re as physical as I am, it’s essential. I couldn’t exist on a Big Mac every night. Now the tour’s over, it feels great to be able to sleep and not have to be somewhere catching a plane. I’m not sure I’m going to be touring anytime soon. I’d like to stay home in LA and do a movie. Anything that would keep me close to home – I really miss my family.

Do you worry about your weight?
I’ve always had problems with my weight, which has fluctuated over the years. I was heavy at one point and not happy about it. I felt sluggish and my clothes were uncomfortable. I hope I’m a beacon to overweight girls that with a proper diet and exercise, they can lose those extra pounds. It’s just not healthy to be heavy. I’ve got great fitness trainers now so I’ve maintained a good weight for a while. I’m happy with the way I look and feel and that’s important for my self-esteem.

What parts of you aren’t perfect?
So many things, I don’t know where to start. I have bad hair days, get blemishes and bloated just like everyone else. It’s just you’re not there to see!

What drives you to perform when you don’t feel like it?
Simple – my fans. They pay to see a good show and that’s exactly what I want to give them. Singing and dancing and all the joy that goes with performing comes from my heart. If I can’t feel it, I won’t do it.

How do you relax?
I love my candles. It’s just amazing to relax by candlelight.

What’s your favourite and least favourite part of your body?
I like the small of my back but I hate my cheeks. They’ve been like this since I was a kid. They’re just like my dad’s but I have more meat on them and they hurt when I smile. But I wouldn’t have plastic surgery. I can’t believe what people pay to have that done.

What vitamin supplements do you take?
I have multivitamin and herbs. I’m very much into holistic medicine. I really believe the more natural it is, the healthier it is for you. That’s just my take and everyone has to decide for themselves what works, but I’d be lost without supplements. I think they’re extremely beneficial for me.

What’s your philosophy on life?
I really believe in mind, body and spirit. They all work together to make us better, healthier people. We’re all born special but I think we lose it along the way somehow, whether our parents don’t tell us enough, or at all, an it’s about finding that place within you that keeps you happy. You have to believe in yourself.

What’s your top health tip?
Beauty definitely radiates from within. So I’d urge everyone to have a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul and everything will come from that point. I’d use my mother Katherine as a fine example. She’s raised a big family and at this point in her life she’s astounding. She’s got beautiful skin, she’s so radiant. That’s what I want – to grow older with grace and dignity.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I saw your *hmm* comment and assumed Janet was going deny ever having surgery. HOWEVER when you read the article she is specifically talking about how her cheeks hurt when she smiles and how she wouldnot have surgery on that. YOU give a completely different impression. It’s my observation and could careless who aggrees.

I love Janet and love reading everything and anything on her. To me she’s the most gorgeous woman in the world…and to me NO FLAWS…and, to me, it just shows how awesome she is when she looks the way she looks and can relate to all of us woman out here that do have our flaws and gripes about our body. Janet as, always, has shown class in this interview…GOTTA LOVE THIS WOMAN (janet) no matter who u are. :o) Keep on keepin’ on, Janet…u da bomb.

well i read it as that she wouldn’t have plastic surgery done anywhere, i suppose there are different interpretations.

the plastic surgery comment is ambiguous… and if we’re realistic, we all know janet has had it done, as she changed so much in between the RN and ‘janet’ eras. she was probably just talking about her cheeks there, as she must know her fans and the public aren’t stupid, and however much we love her there are some things that we cannot gloss over 🙂

First of all Janet is amazing and we all love her. It is quite clear that she is refering to her cheeks. We all know that she had some work done on her nose. I am pretty sure that is all she has had done. No big deal.

As I said I could careless who aggrees, I just felt the need to post my view. I suppose being a fan for so so long and witnessing the changing climate of her fanbase makes me more defensive.No harm done.

Okay people we all love J. Out of the whole interview, the only thing people can take from it is the plastic surgery bit? It is a health mag right? What did you learn "healthwise" about Janet that you didn’t know before. Let’s stick with the facts and not STAR MAG material. ONe LoVE

um i dont wanna be a sore thumb, but that interview seems like a hoax. I mean it seems like someone made it up, and why is there a response section in light of the intervew? that seems rather bizarre. this is the first interview ive read, where ive wonder truly if thats Janet talkin. I doubt it, not because of the plastic surgery reference because in another interview (a health magazine interview in the states couple months back) she admits to havin plastic surgery, she doesnt look down on it, as she did here supposedly and she also says its ok as long as you dont take it too far. The interview im pretty positive is fake.. makes me wonder why someone would go through the trouble.

The interview is taken from WOMAN magazine in the UK. If articles and photos are fake, they are always taken very seriously, and the photo would not have been licensed originally if it was fake. They couldn’t make it all up! And why do you have to be anonymous? It’s as if you’re making your stuff up!! LOL

Well, I’m with the person who says they think it’s fake. I like someoen mentioned Janet did a cover for Shape magazine in whichc she talks about having plastic surgery. I’m not sure where she said it but I remember her saying hwo she grew up around J.Witnesses and in thier "lifestyle" when you turned 16 if there was something you didn’t liek about yourslef you changed it. so for her to come back and say now that she wouldn’t have plastic surgery is crazy…so either this whole this is fake or they are taking her words out of context, since janet did once say she would never pay to get her cheeks done because of the fact that she hates them.

alright people, janet is definately talking about her cheeks when she mentioned plastic surgery in this interview. and james, JANET HAD NO PLASTIC SURGERY BETWEEN THE RN AND JANET. ALBUMS. she just lost weight, and got new hair and make-up stylists, most notably Kevin Aucoin who recently died. janet has had two nose jobs, one when she was 14 and the next when she was 16. thats all shes ever had done.

Janet jams!!!! I share her love for working out and eating right-taking care of the mental, physical, spiritual- Who cares about surgery or not? Love the music and dance-keep pushin’ girl in the positive light!!!!!!!!!! By the way I hate my "chipmunk cheeks" too-I’ll post my picture at soon-you all can be the judge.

Hey Janet fans!! I haven’t voiced my opinion on anything before but now I am. Who cares if Janet has had plastic surgery or not! She’s beautiful inside and out. if she feels that she doesn’t like something she has the right to change it. i’m happy for Janet, for all she has accomplished, you guys should be too if your REAL JANET FANS!!
*I’m gone*

Daz.. actually the UK is like the center of tabloid media. Just because its in a magazine DOESNT MEAN ITS TRUE, if read magazines before where its pretty obvious there puttin words in the persons mouth. Its ridiculous.. looks like they pieced together interviews shes done before.. and did a half ass job of staging this one. Doesnt seem like her talkin AT ALL. I could put money on this. Im anonymous cause i dont want you to come to my website and act like a child in response, just because someone doesnt agree with you. kinda like what you did on Syree’s Janet website. I have nothing to hide, I just protect myself from loose cannons.

the comment above about her religion is not true. she did not have surgery on her nose because the religion said at a cer tain age you can change something abort yourself. she said she did it because of the kids in her neighborhood would have surgery on there nose if they did not like it at a certain age. it was like the thing to do in her neighborhood at the time. this had nothing to do with religion not at all!

That Last comment was not true! the only reason why Janet got her nose done was because every sibling had it done except for Jackie. I’m also responding to the first answer Janet commented on about how she would like to get pregnant this year or the next, Janet, this is from the heart, I think you would make a wonderful mother to your son or daughter good luck.

to the comment above if you check out us magazine nov.
1995 jan makes the comment about the nose job at the end of the interview. she said that if you did not like your nose at sixteen the children in the neighborhood would have surgery if they could afford it. it was the thing to do. i just recently read this that is how i remembered it .i just recently brought that back issue. but i definitely know it was not religion i was raised in that religion also.

to the comment above .i only remembered the comment from the US magazine because i read it recently. it was not like i went through all my magazines to find the comment. i do have a life. i had brought a back issue from someone recently. i was not trying to be smart or anything. but i see you are. if you did not care you would not have responded to my comment in the first place.

Look Reen I’m just gonna be the bigger person about this conflict & drop it. It really dosen’t matter anymore because the deal with Janet’s nose is done (Not that her nose is ugly or anything!) I think it’s very pretty. & it dosen’t matter how & why she got it done.

thanks i agree. i never intended to make anyone look stupid. that is not the kind of person i am. i never wanted to come across that way and i am sorry if it was read that way. i am on here because i enjoy reading and discussing things about janet like everyone else.
i am not here to make anyone feel dumb. like you said it’s no big deal.

I’m a french Janet fan and i ‘m sure she is only talking about her cheeks since in an interview in France she said that she had her nose done at the age of sixteen…for me it is quite clear in the interview…But i don’t know if her breasts are natural…

The only reason I’m responding is because you try to make someone feel stupid. Who are you to tell me who to respond to? I can respond to any one I want to & what are you gonna do about it?

Aawwww ladywildcat and reen that was so sweet how u guyz made up. Thats all I wanted to say. Have a good day everybody!

"Im gone"

I believe in the same things Janet does. The mind, body and spirit do help us to be better. Like her I have to really struggle to control my weight. but I love your cheek bones Janet !!! Don’t Change for anyone !!!

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