Janet’s new album to sound like Kylie

{{popup kylie2.jpg Kylie Minogue 252×370}}Kylie MinogueJanet is currently working on a new album and report that her inspiration is coming from Europe.
“Janet Jackson is already hard at work on the follow-up to her highly successful 2001 album, All For You, and this time her inspiration comes from this side of the Atlantic. Michael Jackson’s sister is making no secret to friends that she’s obsessed with rival Kylie Minogue’s album “Fever”, and will make sure her new songs borrow heavily from the Europop sound of the hit single. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”.
According to a close source, the American pop princess ordered several copies of Fever for close friends and, most importantly, long-time producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: She said she’s feeling more free to play with her music now, and wants to try something edgy and experimental.
A Virgin UK representative confirmed that Janet is working on new material, but says a release date has yet to be set.”
Click the pictures to see photos of Kylie, including one taken with Janet in 1994.

{{popup kylie1.jpg Kylie Minogue 382×405}}Kylie Minogue

{{popup kyliejan1.jpg Janet and Kylie in 1994 346×379}}Janet and Kylie in 1994



By Darren

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So, I did hear that she is coming out with an album later this year (reported on and If this is true, my opinion is that she is going to release another Greatest Hits album. I don’t know. But I think she may do another studio album in about two or three years. What do you guys think? is reporting that they are working on a Janet Album RIGHT NOW. I’d say Jan is gonna work on one this year and next, with a possible release of next year/2004, unless she does actually come out with a new one this year. It’s a possibliity, even though All For You was VERY successful, only 3 singles were released, and she did cancell the Euro-Tour. Who knows what miss-jackson(yes i’m nasty) has in store, guess we’ll be finding out. SO DON’T GO BLAMING DAZ SAYING HE’S POSTING LIES WHEN IT IS CONFIRMED(SORT OF)THAT HER NEW PROJECT IS BEING WORKED ON!!

WHY are you reporting these lies? It would be cool if it were true but it isn’t…. :S

This was not even a worth to report-….

Dont go picking on DAZ NOW maybe he doesnt know it a rumor, but if is not true I know Daz would post it up and say its not true like he post up that mistake about the DVD all for you cover. DAZ wouldnt lie to Janet fans we he is one too!!!

I’m excited she’s in the studio, but I have to say, I hated Kylee’s album. I thought it was totally bubblegum, and I sure hope Janet’s not going that route.

It was also on which is fairly reliable.

And Kylie’s album is great!! Just got it the other day!


If you are lying, I’m going to kick your ass. But, I heard that too. All I can do is pray that it’s true. But, logically she doesn’t come out with albums this soon.
Control 1986
Rhythmn Nation 1989
Janet 1993
Velvet Rope 1997
( Not Design of a Decade because it was a greastest hits album)
All For You 2001
It just doesn’t all add up. She mught bring out a remix album with 2 or 3 new songs.

One Important Question:
Why the hell she put bonus songs on Japan albumns but not on America’s. That is not cute at all. We are her home country.

I still love you Janet, and we are still going to get married on May 23, 2002, but we want the songs too.

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