Janet and Matthew mentioned in STAR magazine

Matthew McConaughey makes beautiful music with Janet Jackson.
You heard in Star that naked bongo player Matthew McConaughey was making beautiful music with Wacko Jacko’s kinky kid sister Janet Jackson weeks ago-now there’s the exclusive first photos of Hollywood’s oddest couple.
The pair was spotted getting raw and raunchy with each other over a sushi dinner at Katana, a trendy Japanese restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.
“Matthew was up close and right in Janet’s face during dinner. He was even feeding her from the skewers. She’d take a bite and then he’d take the next bite. They were very sexy together,” says an eyewitness.
“At one point, she provocatively traced the outline of her low-cut top, her eyes never leaving Matthew’s.”
Pals say this is McConaughey’s most serious romance since he was busted in 1999 after cops answered a noise complaint at his house and found him playing the bongos in the buff.
At one point during dinner with the Rhythm Nation singer, he had to take a break and go out on the restaurant’s patio to cool off. And Jackson, 35, who played a leather-clad dominatrix on stage during her All For You concert tour, joined him for his after-dinner cigarette-as our photos show.
Sources say their red-hot antics gave shocked patrons an eyeful on that otherwise quiet Sunday evening, April 14.
“When they walked into the restaurant at around 9:30 p.m, Janet was wearing a very sexy low-cut top and Matthew had his arm around her shoulders,” says the eyewitness.
“He bought her a glass of white wine at the bar, a vodka tonic for himself and they stood there gazing at each other and talking softly while a table in a cosy corner was being prepared for them.”
“Once they were seated, they became very touchy-feely, holding hands under the table. The manager sent over a special plum wine on the house, and Janet and Matthew happily toasted each other.
“Then they ordered sushi, various grilled vegetables and fish on skewers. They were definitely into one another.”
Star readers first learned about the hush-hush romance last month when we revealed how the actor sneaked out of Jackson’s Bel Air home one morning, carrying his shoes and wearing a big smile.
Friends hope that Jackson, who is divorced from Rene Elizondo, 38, will settle down with The Wedding Planning star.
Says the eyewitness: “This is one hot romance. By the way they were carrying on at the restaurant, anything is possible.”



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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Daz – Where’s the picture mentioned in the article??? If this is true, I’m happy that Janet’s happy – she deserves it.

Well guess what I can answer my own question because right after I read this I went out and bout Star magazine and there are 2 pictures in the May 7, 2002 issue, one with Janet talking to Matthew with a cigarette in his hand and a little one with her like she’s putting her hand up to the camera, in both pictures he’s facing her.

I dont care if Janet is dating Mathew. Why dont I care? becaude Mathew is handsome!!! he is hot!!! with a capitail H. I am happy for her.

I`ve seen the pic of Janet and Mathew and Janet cant say thats not her cause it is. But maybe there just going out as friends. I go out with my male friend, but we are not in a relationship. Thats what Mathew and Janet have a friendship not a relationship. But if janet and mathew ever become a couple I will be very happy for janet and mathew. Mathew is a ver very sexy man and I wouldnt mind going out with him myself as his woman so I am not hating on janet if her and mathew are more than friends.

I think people need to stop haten on JANET and matthew because u all should know JANET has not been happy in a very long time, she is goin to be 36 on the 16th she is old enough to do what she wants.

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning show Jaime Foster Brown, who is a reporter from Sister to sister magazine said Janet is suppose to be dating Jermaine Dupre. She went to Left-Eyes funeral with him.

So now its Jermaine Dupri but you know what I think the two of them are just friends like Mathew is a friend of Janet.

she’s too good for Jermaine Dupri, I don’t believe that at all, but I did read that they went to the funeral together, so what?

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