Janet dancer dating Justin NSync

All For You tour dancer, Jenna Dewan, is rumoured to be dating Justin Timberlake from N’Sync. The pair have been spotted at nightclubs in Dallas and hanging out in New York City. Jenna, who appeared in the videos for Doesn’t Really Matter and All For You last appeared to Janet fans in the HBO concert. Justin, who recently split with Britney, has denied the rumours through his publicist. Discuss this matter by posting a comment.



By Darren

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I reckon that they are dating, but just don’t wnat to scare all the little girly fans who wanna be with Justin!

Justin denied dating Britney in the first place, but he did, so why couldn’t he be dating that Jenna-girl? =) Well, well….. JANET 4 EVER!

I know she’s dating him because she’s one of my best friends from high school who I talk to often. She is so much more beautiful and sweeter than Britney.

i herd that justin and janet are dating. they would make a better couple than him and that jenna gurl, he is way too cute for her. i like janet and justin together. JANET AND JUST FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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