Please pray for Lisa


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I send out my heartfelt sympathy to the family of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. After suffering a bereavement in my family recently, I can understand what her relations must be going through. Janet Love offers it prayers but knows that, like Aaliyah, there is one more angel in heaven.

DVD extras


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According to the Miss Janet fanclub, some of the extra footage that will appear on the DVD will include bonus footage from the Would You Mind ‘victims’. The DVD (catalogue number ERE253), which will be released in the UK on June 24 2002 – before the US – is available to preorder at or for even cheaper at Blackstar.

Janet Love is currently trying to find out what else will be on the DVD, but there are RUMOURS there will also be behind the scenes footage that was filmed during the tour.

UK fans – don’t forget to watch Janet on Channel 4 this Sunday at 1.40pm. As it is airing in the daytime, we do not know whether Would You Mind will be cut or if swear words will be blanked out.

Making the Video


For MTV Europe viewers who missed the chance to watch MAKING THE VIDEO Janet & Missy [ Son of a gun (I betcha think this song is about you) ] it will be aired Friday 26th April 11.30am

Janet in UK Heat magazine this week


There is a tiny picture of Janet in the current issue of Heat magazine in the UK. It is in the TV Guide section for Sunday 28th April underneath the listing for the Hawaii show.

More MTV:icon photos


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We have just received the following photos from the MTV:icon event last week. You can see Janet pictured with Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith.

Celebrity Deathmatch Video


You can watch Janet vs. Faith Hill on Celebrity Deathmatch by following this link.

Janet in UK Heat Magazine


Janet is mentioned several times in this week’s Heat Magazine. She is pictured with Matthew McConaughey under the feature “NOT THE FIRST”. In it, it states that there are rumours of the couple seen leaving a hotel together the morning after the Grammys. It then goes onto mention Matthew’s other old love interests including Sandra Bullock, Liz Hurley and Ashley Judd.

They also report the following: “Janet Jackson was fuming when a nightclub refuesd to remove tennis star Jennifer Capriati from a table she wanted to sit at. Janet sent her entourage to choose a table for her at Mynt club in Miami. But when she arrived, Capriati was sat there, celebrating her 26th birthday. Janet complained, but the management refused to move Jennifer so she left.”

Another photo of Janet is also shown in the Horoscopes section. In the Taurus part, it says: “While the minions around you might make allowances for sudden overbearing behaviour if you’re a mega-talented, hard-working Taurean like Janet Jackson, they might get a bit narked if, say, you’re more like her astrological peer Natalie Appleton. Indeed whether you’re a shining star of a right bleeding fizzer, perhaps it would be best to just refrain frmo power trips and ego boosts in the first place.” All highly irrelevant, but cool!

Janet appears at Nick Awards 2002


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Janet appeared at the Nickelodeon 15th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California yesterday. Janet won the award for the most favourite female person kids want to be. In the photos above, you can see her accepting her award for FAVOURITE WANNABE. She said: “When I was younger, there were certain people who I admired, whose lives helped to teach me about how I wanted to live my own life. But then I came to understand that, what we can learn about others, we need to spend time learning about ourselves. Each and every one of you is special, and each and every one of you is unique.”

“MTV:icon – Aerosmith” airs tonight


Don’t forget to watch “MTV:icon – Aerosmith” tonight on MTV (in the US). Janet offers a testimonial at the start of the show which will air at 9:00 P.M. EST. Photos of this tribute can be seen in the rest of the April news section.