HAWAII DVD COVER and Information

The following press release was sent to Janet Love earlier today by EAGLE VISION.
Eagle Vision is proud to announce they have the worldwide DVD & VHS rights for Janet Jackson live in concert from the Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii. Filmed on 16th February 2002 by top music specialist director David Mallet, the DVD & VHS are due for release in June 2002.
One of the most commercially successful female pop stars of the past two decades, Janet performs a selection of tracks from her various albums. These include classics such as “Come On Get Up”, “All For You”, “What Have You Done For Me Lately” and “That’s The Way Love Goes”.
This high energy, theatrical show with it elaborate set and costumes includes an exclusive, intimate backstage view as behind the scenes cameras catch her many costume changes during the show.
To date she has sold 40 million albums, won four Grammy awards and an Oscar nomination.

{{popup hawaiidvdvhsnew.jpg EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii DVD cover 353×500}}Hawaii DVD cover

The cover for the DVD, which will be released in the UK on June 24 2002, can be enlarged by clicking on the image.

The VHS running time is approximately 90 minutes. The DVD running time is approximately 120 minutes. 30 minutes extra footage will be included on the DVD including bonus footage of backstage and behind the scenes, plus interviews. The DVD and VHS will be release in the US in mid-July.

UK Fan Meeting Photos


{{popup fangroup1.jpg The JANET LOVE UK Fanmeeting 742×500}}Group photo {{popup kazdaz1.jpg Fan Meeting organisers Darren and Karen 405×450}}Karen and Darren 1

{{popup kazdaz2.jpg Fan Meeting organisers Darren and Karen 659×450}}Karen and Darren 2 {{popup kazdazkay.jpg Fan Meeting organisers Darren, Karen and Kay 402×450}}Karen, Darren and Kay

{{popup kazdaz3.jpg Fan Meeting organisers Darren and Karen 583×450}}Karen and Darren 3These are the photos which were taken on April 13th at the Janet Love UK Fanmeeting. You can see the group photo (which includes most of the people who came, but some managed to run off before we got a chance to take the photo) and then several photos of organisers Darren, Karen and Kay. Sorry about the red eyes and check out Karen’s cool customised shirt!!

Janet with Matt Damon


{{popup janetmattdamon.jpg Janet and Matt Damon 247×400}}janetmattdamon_sm (8k image)

Click above to see a photo of Janet with Matt Damon taken at the Nickolodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 2002.

UK Reairings of Hawaii concert


The Hawaii concert will reair on UK Digital Channel E4, a subsidiary of Channel 4, on Sunday 12th May at 5.30pm. The show will last for one and a half hours but it is unknown if they will correct the problems which they had in the original Channel 4 airing.

Additionally, we forgot to mention that the sound problems which were seen in the US airing were corrected for the UK airing. For example, during CONTROL when she sings “I’m in”, the microphone is properly turned on and during ALL FOR YOU, after the “4,3,2,1” we hear Janet say “Let me hear you”, instead of just “…hear you”!

Janet’s voice coach helps Kylie


Kylie Minogue, currently on her UK and European tour, has flown in a vocal coach from Los Angeles who used vocal exercises, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies and throat massage to get her voice back to form after a bad virus. Ron Anderson, who has worked closely with Janet in the past and helped on her ALL FOR YOU tour, said that Kylie’s vocals were back in shape.

Back on with Matthew?


janjapan1 (6k image)It seems to be turning into an escalating saga to see who can print the most information about Janet’s love life. Star magazine recently printed the following. Whether it’s true or not, no one knows:

Notoriously private Janet Jackson is doing everything she can to keep her new romance with Matthew McConaughey under wraps. But one of my eagle-eyed sources spotted The Wedding Planner star walking out of Janet’s Bel Air home one morning in a VERY good mood. He strolled out shirtless, carrying his shoes, with tousled curly hair, whistling a happy tune.

Janet in ABOUT A BOY


Although Janet is not mentioned in the new HUGH GRANT film, ABOUT A BOY, she does get a mention in the book written by Nick Hornby. It’s a great book so check it out when you get a chance.

The edited Hawaii show details


In the UK today, the Hawaii show was finally aired on Channel 4. However, because it was shown in the daytime, a LOT of it had been cut and edited.

To start with, the show used different camera angles throughout showing more shots of the audience and better quality shots. Additionally, the quick change which is shown just before Alright was extended. Instead of cutting to the intro of the song, we see Janet walk from her quick change, hear the song intro begin whilst she continues to walk to the left hand side of the stage. As she reaches her entry point backstage, it cuts to the front of stage view as Janet walks on.

Many of the camera angles which were used in this airing will also be used on the DVD.


This made the show seem disjointed throughout and after one ad break, there seemed to be a technical error as they repeated ALL FOR YOU. After this, they cut straight to IF, making it look as if someone had made a big muck up! Don’t worry – a letter of complaint is already in the post!! (Just kidding)

Janet dating Wanya Morris?


{{popup janetwanya1.jpg Janet and Wanya Morris in 1997 235×228}}Janet and Wanya Morris in 1997According to New York Daily News and British Tabloid The Sun, JANET has fallen for WANYA MORRIS of BOYZ II MEN. The singers have dated several times and have been spotted together shopping in Beverly Hills according to close friends. Wanya is Brandy’s ex. When his PR agent was questioned, the reply was, “I wish it were true,” adding that Janet has been friends with all the guys in the band for years. The photo on the left was taken on July 29, 1997 at Wanya’s 24th Birthday party.

Janet European Fans Petition


Would you be interested in signing a petition to show support for Janet in Europe?

Please share your views and support for this petition (started by UK fan DJ Kayper from Urban Forte) by posting your comments in the Janet Jackson forum under the topic ‘Petition for European fans’. We need to know if people are interested to ensure that it is worth starting an online petition. Maybe we will be able to see Janet perform live again in Europe for the very last time. Even if you aren’t a European fan you can show your support!