Janet Jackson joins in #JanetDubsmash trend

Following a competition announced on The View this week, Janet has been retweeting videos from her fans as part of the #JanetDubsmash hashtag.

Several fans have been trying to win tickets to Janet’s Unbreakable tour by recording videos of themselves singing along to tracks from her new album.

Watch a selection below, or search Twitter for the latest entries.


A video posted by Steve Bermundo (@bearmoondoe) on

And of course we think the one of Darren and his friends Sam and Sham filmed in a club a while ago (although not strictly Dubsmash) stands a good chance.

Janet Love founder launches new gay-friendly travel company


Founder of Janet Love, Darren Burn, has launched his new gay-friendly travel company – OutOfOffice.com.

The company, which features over 100 suggested itineraries to over 30 countries, will create tailor-made experiences and holidays, all of which are gay friendly, allowing customers to design their perfect holiday (vacation) safe in the knowledge that the trip is suitable for them.

OutOfOffice.com is the world’s first mainstream travel company to cater to the LGBT market and use photos of gay and lesbian couples alongside their straight counterparts has launched today.

Darren said: “For years I’ve seen travel websites and companies neglect the LGBT market, especially in the marketing and photos they use. I never felt that anything catered for the kind of holiday I wanted to go on – one where I can immerse myself in a destination, experience it in full but also safe in the knowledge that all the people I’m handing my cash to are welcoming to gay travellers.”

He continues: “I want OutOfOffice.com to be the first port of call for gay travellers looking to experience something a little different to what’s been on offer previously. We’ve built some really innovative itineraries and can customise almost everything about a trip. Most of the destinations we cover are suitable for everyone, regardless of who you love, and in many instances we’re using trendier boutique hotels rather than large chains which adds a personal touch.”

The site has launched to a fanfare and a flurry of bookings. Customers from across the world are welcome to request a tailor-made proposal from Out Of Office.

It also provides up-to-date information on the LGBT laws in each country it covers to enable customers to make informed decisions on their travel choices.

Customers who are looking to plan and tailor-make their next holiday should visit OutOfOffice.com or call on +44 20 7157 1570.

Janet thanks fans for Unbreakable video

Janet tweeted her thanks to fans for making a compilation video to her track Unbreakable – taking inspiration from Janet’s own lyric videos.

London dance group film BurnItUp! tribute


A London based group has filmed a dance video to Janet’s current single BurnItUp!.

Filmed on the streets of London, including outside the O2 where Janet will be performing in March next year, the group’s video is already gaining lots of traction on YouTube.

Undoubtedly one of the best videos shot to the song so far and showcasing the city, the project was created and produced by Tobias Ellehammer and directed by Mike Dones.

Here at Janet Love we couldn’t be more proud of seeing London based dancers paying tribute to Janet.

About the project Tobias said:

I wanted to create a project that would bring people together and deliver the message of the importance in having a versatile and open mindset. We should really all try to stay versatile and support each other. Let’s appreciate how different we all are and grow together. Learning from each other’s gifts and differences. It’s not about what style you do. It’s about the love for dance that we all share. I wanna give a massive thanks to all the people involved that took time out of there schedule to help deliver the message. The amount of talent in this video is beyond any of my expectations and I feel very honored. Enjoy.

Janet adds Prague, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo

Janet has added Prague, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo to the upcoming European leg of her Unbreakable World Tour.

Norway is already on sale. Antwerp, Amsterdam and Prague go on sale on 16th October at 09.00, whilst Stockholm and Copenhagen will be released on 19th October at 09.00.

Full details can be found at LiveNation now.

Janet surprises fans at MyMusicVIP at show

Janet surprised fans at her MyMusicVIP museum before a show recently.

In the video, aired on ET, Janet is seen greeting fans as they receive the surprise of their life.

MyMusicVIP is an experience for fans who have purchased the CD to see a wide range of Janet memorabilia including costumes, awards and photos from Janet’s illustrious career.

Note to fans, Janet doesn’t put in an appearance every night!! Check out the video below.

BMG exec: “We have a 3-year plan for Janet”

In an interview with Hits Daily Double, BMG executive Jon Cohen has revealed the publishing house’s commitment to Unbreakable and that they have formulated a three year plan with Janet that extends “beyond music”, including “multimedia, different specials, initiatives and projects”.

The interview in full below:

How did this partnership happen? Who signed it, and how did the story begin?
About a year and a half ago, Zach Katz, our Chief Creative Officer, met with several producers who have worked with Janet and told them about the new way BMG was doing business. Janet was intrigued by the model and she was intrigued by Zach’s creative force, so she came in and met with the executives and Hartwig. She really liked the vibe; she felt that this could be a home for Rhythm Nation and that we could do a really good job for her.

This Janet album has a more mature vibe, and she’s back with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who are the original architects of her sound. What did she want to accomplish with this release?
I think Janet’s goal—and again, she’s a mega-superstar—was to make uncompromising music, to do so in 2015 and put out what is just an incredible body of work and not be so focused on, “Hey, you’ve got to be at Pop radio immediately. You have to be here. You have to be there.” Of course, everyone at BMG wants to be #1 and is always striving for that, but what she really wanted was a team that wasn’t committed to something for weeks one, two and three; She wanted a team for the next 18 months to two and three years. And we have a three-year plan with Janet. It’s not just about this record, and the plan goes well beyond music. Bertelsmann is a hugely diversified company, from books to media, and we’ve been talking since the get-go about multiple initiatives with Team Janet. So she wanted someone who was not going to look at this in the short-term, but really look at what Janet Jackson is in 2015, 2016, 2017, and how she wants to express herself. And she wanted a company with a broad enough canvas to paint that picture.

Part of that, I would imagine, is the tour, which is doing great. Can you talk a little about that?
The touring is all Janet; we do the recorded music with her, but we’re wholly vested in how well it does. Live Nation and WMEhave been absolutely blown away. They’re on their third leg already, and sales into next May and June of next year are already staggering.

You’ve also developed a notable radio story with the success of “No Sleeep.”
It’s her first single, and it’s been at #1 for six weeks and counting at Urban AC, which is a record for her. It’s the longest-running single in her career since 1998. “No Sleeep” is a brilliant song, a great collaboration with J. Cole, and that it’s a #1 success is proof that we’ve worked it to the right format.

And her Missy Elliott collaboration is your next single, right?
She has “Burn It Up” coming with Missy Elliot, an amazing club burner and all-around great song. We’ll do the same thing—surround it at radio where it’s suitable. We’ll also work “Unbreakable” back to Urban AC and anticipate that’ll be at the top, so radio is obviously one component. Janet has been a megastar and has more #1s than I can count; radio is obviously still a component, but in 2015 it’s not all about that, so the three-year plan is about multimedia, different specials, initiatives and projects, none of which I can talk about yet.

Are there any special things coming up that you can discuss?
Janet turns 49 this year, meaning she has a milestone birthday next year, so there’s a big story to tell. I think there will be other things surrounding the tour itself, and the three-year-plus Janet plan will be all about Unbreakable, but I think it will also blossom into other things.

Janet hits #1 with Unbreakable; congratulated by industry

Janet’s management team and label staff have congratulated Janet on reaching Number 1 in the Billboard Hot 200 album chart this week.
BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch said, “Janet, Jimmy and Terry have delivered an exceptional album which is really connecting with music fans. We are delighted that Janet and her management team have placed their faith in BMG, and especially pleased that Unbreakable is the first album to be released by the new BMG to reach Number One in the United States.”
Her management team at JDJ Entertainment and Sterling Winters Company stated, “We congratulate Janet on her genius and this extraordinary accomplishment which is so brilliantly shared by her creative partners, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, as well as Janet’s great BMG team that truly delivered, WME, Live Nation and Brad Wavra for excellence and great support.”
“This is a truly special week for Janet with a Number One album, a sell-out world tour and a nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame,” said Rhythm Nation President, Phil Quartararo. “We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this success, including Janet’s longtime friends and collaborators Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, and Janet’s management team, Sterling Winters Company and JDJ Entertainment.” He added, “We have been incredibly impressed by the BMG team. They have proven to be the ideal partners.”
BMG US President Creative & Marketing Laurent Hubert said, “This is an incredible achievement for an incredible artist. After seven years away it is a dramatic reminder of Janet’s ability to create music which is genuinely timeless. We congratulate Mr. Jam and Mr. Lewis on this great achievement as well. More importantly this Number One debut is only the beginning of our strategic campaign for this album around the world.”
Jon Cohen, EVP of Recorded Music at BMG Chrysalis US said, “Congratulations to Janet, as well as to Jimmy and Terry on this great achievement. Unbreakable is undoubtedly one of the musical highlights of 2015. We are thrilled and honored to collaborate with this remarkable music icon.”

Darren Blogs: A week of Unbreakable – a fan’s deeply personal perspective


It’s been a week since we were graced with Janet’s latest piece of art – Unbreakable. Barely a bad word has been spoken about the album which is clearly a gear shift and key change from her previous few albums.

I wanted to take time to immerse myself in the album fully before I posted my own review of the work. Indeed, on first listen I was so overwhelmed by the sound I was experiencing and the multi-layering of instrument upon instrument and vocal upon vocal that I was unable to process what I was hearing. My immediate reaction was to wince at it all. Granted, I was giving it my first listen at 2am in the morning after a late night flight and driving home from the airport exhausted while my housemate Sam was having an asthma attack next to me so I wasn’t exactly best placed to make a sober judgement about the album.

Thankfully a new day came and a second listen almost instantly turned my wincing into a new level of emotion and one which realised the profound nature of what I had in my CD player. The tiredness and the sheer emotion felt on listening to a new Janet album had been all too much for a weary Darren, exacerbated by the fact that the past few months I’ve been going through some deep personal turmoil in the shape of a breakup from a man I thought I’d be spending my future with.

Before the album was even released I knew that there would be tracks on it that would cut deep based on my present emotional state of mind. Indeed, even sitting here writing this, I can hear in my head the delicate tones of Janet’s words on After You Fall. It’s a song that I’ve cried to several times, including once spontaneously whilst working out and lifting weights on my living room floor. Quite a sight, trust me!

The thing we all know about J is that her lyrics are so deep but so applicable to many life situations. She’s likely talking about the death of her brother Michael, whilst I’m relating it directly to my own personal situation.

Those who don’t know Janet’s works well will dismiss her work as light and upbeat. Indeed most non fans don’t even realise the real meaning behind Together Again. But for those of us who have grown up on weekly doses of The Velvet Rope to help us understand the things that life throws at us, we know that the layers behind Janet’s messages don’t just get penned on paper in seconds. In fact they develop over years and that’s why it’s taken seven years – arguably 17 years since Rope (perhaps with the exception of Better Days) – for us to get to this depth again with Janet.

Much has been written about Unbreakable from a critic’s perspective. I have read little from a fan’s perspective on the personal impact it has had on people. Much has been said about The Great Forever being an anthem for LGBT people to give them the strength to live their lives authentically. Indeed, in my last blog, I talked about a book called The Velvet Rage I recently discovered (named after Rope) which examines that very idea of authentic living. I’m not sure Janet necessarily wrote the song with that specific purpose in mind, but the beauty again of her lyrics is that she never needs to clarify exactly what a song is about because it reaches and permeates so many different situations and people. What on the surface is a dig at critics questioning Janet’s life choices reaches new levels when you apply a filter of the LGBT community – and rightly so.

Shoulda Known Better – a track about the fact that Janet hoped for more from her Rhythm Nation album and its socially conscious messages – speaks to me on that initial level but then I apply the idea that plenty of situations in life will find you making decisions when you know that they aren’t necessarily the right ones for you and that your subconscious probably knew all along that that was the case.

As the album moves to After You Fall – I’ve just put it on as I can rarely listen to it without getting too emotional – Janet takes us on a deeply personal journey through darker aspects of life. In this day and age of instant gratification and barely having time to remember your own name with the proliferation of technology, it’s easy to forget and paper over heartache and pain. It’s easy to never reach that level with interpersonal relationships, whether they be romantic or not, where you open yourself up to others in an authentic way. And then, when you do and it doesn’t go the way you were hoping, the fall is inevitably that bit more painful. Perhaps that’s why in the modern world we live in people don’t have time to take stock and appreciate the depth of songs like this.

I know that it’s taken me 17 years of listening to The Velvet Rope to finally face up to some of the messages on there. Indeed, I’m approaching 30 myself now and that was the age that Janet would have written the album at. Perhaps that’s why I’m seeing even deeper meaning in songs like SpecialYou and Velvet Rope now than I ever have before.

When Janet says the words: “Who’s gonna care for you after you fall? Who’s gonna be there after you fall? I will“, she’s not telling us that she will literally be there to pick up the pieces. But she’s telling us to give her music a listen and to use it as a framework to take a step outside the frantic lives we lead and to find catharsis and solace in it.

In Broken Hearts Heal, Janet is singing of the loss of Michael and even caused one critic to describe it as an even better track than Together Again in terms of its content. Night takes us on a journey to remember the experience of new love and how “darkness starts to fade”. Indeed you could listen to After You Fall, Broken Hearts Heal and Night and relate them directly to a breakup if you wanted and indeed Janet is clearly giving us a journey through the loss of Michael and onto new love with now husband Wissam.

My own least favourite track on the album – yes we’re all allowed one, but only one – is Dream Maker / Euphoria. Not that the lyrics don’t speak volumes, but the melody and production take me back to sounding like something off 20 Y.O.

So let’s move on from that quickly and onto the brilliant 2 B Loved. And my word don’t we all “want to be needed” and doesn’t “everybody needs to feel love”. And haven’t we all felt deleted “cos you lost your love”. For me Janet reminding her lover that she’s not perfect but she’s perfect for them speaks volumes. Anyone looking for perfection in life will soon come unstuck and whilst settling for something adequate is not the track, realising when you’re onto a good thing is equally important.

Take Me Away continues the theme for me of finding that euphoric love. A love with which you can escape all your problems with that one person to “somewhere the air is clear”. Janet wants to “go somewhere the love has no fear”. We’ve all been in relationships where you feel on edge, uncertainty or scepticism but with this song Janet is telling us to find that love that doesn’t leave you fearful – and in this instance I don’t mean fearful in the sense of Lessons Learned and its domestic violence themes.

Again though, in Lessons Learned whilst few of us will have experienced domestic violence Janet speaks to us on a number of levels. Apply the matrix of a past (or existing) relationship where you’ve ended up going round and round in circles and apology after apology results in you still going back. “Codependent lover that’s her tune, For now his song plays on, Will you play yours too, It goes on and on and on, Is it cool?”

I’ve seen much written by fans about Black Eagle and how it relates directly to racism experienced by black men. Again the beauty of the track is that it was likely written along those lines but as a white man it speaks an entirely different message to me: “Once you know, you can’t not know”. You can’t go back from things you know, but that doesn’t mean that you need to dwell on them. “Just remember when you’re overwhelmed, dream and take some time to love yourself, believe you’re free to do whatever you want”. A bit of self love can get us all a long way.

In fact a bit of research I did and wrote about on Twitter earlier this week questioned what “No more Room No 4” was that Janet refers to in the track. Well Room No 4 is in fact is an interrogation room in the Russian Compound – the main Israeli police office in Jerusalem – where Palestinian Jerusalem residents, including children, are investigated. We all know that Janet and Wissam visited the region recently and so in fact the track is likely written about the victims and refugees from conflicts.

I found great solace in Well Traveled when Janet sings that her bucket list contains destinations she’s never been to but that she has “Gotta keep movin’, Until I’m gonna find the place, I never wanna arrive, Cause if I ever reach there, There’s no place left to go”. Life should never leave you feeling like there’s nothing left in it. There are multiple challenges, experiences and shenanigans to experience. So keep on travelling.

And for its final hoorah on Gon’ B Alright Janet tells us to embrace love. In all its forms. “Put a little love into everything you do”, she croons. See the positive in it all and become a little more mindful in the energy we put out into the universe and guess what JanFam, it’ll come right back at you. Who’s with me?

Please feel free to comment and leave your thoughts below.

Darren Burn is the founder of Janet Love and OutOfOffice.com and lives in the UK.

Naughty Boy remix of BURNITUP! premieres on Radio 1 Xtra


The Naughty Boy remix of BURNITUP! has premiered on BBC Radio 1 Xtra in the UK.

The song was played twice during the MistaJam show on the station.

Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts below.