Anyone spot the April Fools’ Day gag on the site today!? Yes, it was completely made up yet it even made the front page of Janet will not be shooting a new version of Rock With U at all and the video’s director Saam Farahmand spoke to Janet Love today and said: “I love [the joke], but [remember] the videos are always areas of drama and people are sensitive!”

Indeed, some of you were sensitive to it and thanks to those of you that emailed in most concerned and sorry to those that were fooled. Some of you were clever enough though to spot straight away that the Island Def Jam representative named was Lila Froop, which is an anagram for April Fool.




  1. well well done darren! i thought it was brilliant, so did a heap of other visitors!! don’t let the negative people make u think it wasn’t! i think they’re all just jealous u fooled them!

  2. I thought it was so funny, especially since that guy perez hilton jumped right on it like he was gonna have some big new. ha , ha

  3. I thought it was so funny, especially since that guy perez hilton jumped right on it like he was gonna have some big news. ha , ha

  4. I thought the comments wer funny, but you have to be careful what you write as it just gets blown out of proportion and ends up on sites like Perez, people now think that the video wasnt very good, cause they think that even Janet didnt like it! And even though perez has corrected the post it is too late as people wont go back and look at it again!

  5. Thanx Janet-Love 4 the damaged u have done !!!

    u r really JANET fans ? i dont think so

    …. maybe u r only so stupid

  6. I thought April Fool’s jokes were supposed to be funny and clever. This is just stupid and borderline malicious

  7. Darren, you need to stop trying to gain things with your website and start providing the visitors Janet news like tens of other (and more popular) Janet Jackson fansites around the internet. None other of the Janet sites tries constantly get attention and more visitors like this one. You have a fairly popular website dedicated to Janet, fine. But there’s plenty of them around and it’s not difficult to create a new one and get tons of visitors… Been there, done that.

    Humble yourself and stop with the nonsense “exclusives” and insensitivity. I’ve known you long enough to know what you’re really after, so stop while you can.

    As for the joke, I didn’t find it funny. I’m not uptight at all, when it comes to joking about JJ. But that was hurtful towards her career and now that Perez posted it people will start the hating again. Sure, he updated and said it was a lame joke but who remembers that?

  8. jeeeeez people really don’t get April fools do they? it was a prank – pranks are meant to be a bit out there and a bit provocative. the things darren does for this site are unbelieveable. he runs this site with no hope of reward or remuneration. he probably takes hours out of his day to bring us the latest news and then u all go and hate on him.

    get over urselves. ur not running sites are u. and i bet that u’ll still keep running back to janet love for news because they’re always the first with it anyway

    how many of u listened to the album snippets that he posted – i bet all of u!

    and can’t u guys read? even saam the director said he loved the prank!! i bet u janet is laughing at it right now at how pathetic perez is for quickly skim reading a story and running with it!!!

    so before u start criticising darren, go get a sense of humor and then take it all in the way it’s meant to be taken – a harmless joke!

  9. This is quite possibly the worst April fool’s joke I have ever heard. You put it out there that the video is bad and now millions and millions of people that read Perez have seen that. None of them are going back to that story now to see that he has put an update saying it was an April Fools joke. The video is not great and I was actually really excited for them to shoot it again. It looks cheap and doesn’t do anything for the song. That song is by far leaps and bounds better than any other song on the album and deserves to have all the support it can get. With people like Madonna and Mariah dropping albums now, do you really think it was smart to put it out there that this video is bad? I’m all for a good joke but not when it could possibly hurt the credibility of the video, song and ultimately, Janet.

  10. Wow, how foolish could you be! This so called April’s joke was just silly and will likely be hurtful to Janet and the project overall. I hope the next time you seek attention, you will first think about how hurtful it will be to Janet.

  11. i guess it’s just proven what we already know Darren…that Americans have no sense of humor and don’t get a joke! i’ve heard janet is laughing her head off at it!

  12. Wow, a joke at the expense of Janets project. pretty low. yes the damage is done. the problem with this joke is that it was believable since we dont see or hear anything fo the rock with U video. Now it just really looks like it was a bad video. you are real smart arent you? last time i visit this page.

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